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Ewa Wesołowska

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Solo show
Concordia Film | Theater | Expositie
Langestraat 56, 7511 HC Enschede, Netherlands
Exhibition: 4 – 19 June, 2016

Work completed during
ARE Holland Residency Program

In co-operation with


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clay tablet slideshow

~ – ∞
ceramic pieces
35,5 x 26 cm presented at:

” ~ ” Solo show
Concordia Film | Theater | Expositie
Enschede, Netherlands
Exhibition: 4 – 19 June, 2016

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_ _ _ 
ceramic, light and video projection

‘Lena Buhrmann end Ewa Wesolowska’
Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster. 2015

‘Ceramic Artist in Residence 2015’
Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster. 2016

Online catalog:
‘Ceramic Artist in Residence 2015 – Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster’ Publication

Neumunster slideshow

Music Box

Installation within a darkened space
A single light is suspended from
a revolving circle hanging from the ceiling.
Shadows are cast onto the walls from suspended objects which are sculptural forms created by an impression of the squeezing hand.
The sound of a music box melody
plays within the space.

Project completed during a-i-r program
of DordtYart. 2013

Presented at
‘DordtYart 2013′ group show
Dordrecht. Netherlands

Ewa Wesolowska


O=O is situated in a dark space. Detected by a motion sensor, the flickering light of the “O=O” is activated by passersby. Different lights have different moving sensors, so they are not activated all at the same time. The visitor has to move around the space to see the whole piece. The sound of a children’s music box melody is heard throughout the space.


‘O=O’. Center of Polish Sculpture
Chapel Gallery. 2015

‘Rock Paper Scissors’.
Route Du Nord Festival

Roodkajpe Gallery. Rotterdam Art Week. 2014

Cellar Gallery
. Cracow. Poland. 2014

‘DordtYart 2013′.
DordtYart Art Center
. Dordrecht Netherlands. 2013


‘O=O’ show review by Anna Batko
“Oronsko” Magazine of Centre of Polish Sculpture, Issue 1-2/2015

Trace Boxes

Objects fixed in epoxide resin
‘Trace Boxes’ series
work in progress.



An installation is set within a darkened space, a former dovecote house for pigeons where ceramic vases remain from the former pigeon residents. 
Sound of flowing water and flickering light were placed in different vessels.
Discovering the space one could move back and forth from dark and quiet areas to catch the sounds and the flickering lights.

Project completed during a-i-r program of CAMAC

Presented at Camac Art Center. France. 2014

O” (work in progress)
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Ewa Wesołowska – visual artist, who ties the fundamental ideas of a light-sound installation to traditional and modern sculptural elements. From her point of view, the traditional sculptural technique is synonymous with memorization, like a trace of a human hand left on the surface of an object. When she started working with light-sound installations, Ewa Wesołowska wanted to preserve these human traces and combine installation art with traditional sculptural craftsmanship. Thematically, her work is based in ideas of light and darkness and touches on the question of how we remember things when we are no longer able to see them.     

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„I think of my practice as a trace of presence, and as a reference to memory and  perception. It is a desire to preserve the moment. My work is about trying to keep a trace of a human touch, and it also displays the inability to do so. The desire to maintain the trace and history of an object reveals instead the opposite: The more we try to hold onto a trace, the more we pinpoint the lack of one.“


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