It’s Just a Matter of Time

The exhibition is juxtaposing different structures referring to different temporal scales: ephemeral forms dynamically generated by visitors movement,  and  objects inspired by biological neuron-like structures and sculptured handprints. Sculptures – artifacts, marbles, and ammonites fixed in different resins – are displayed in a way the artifacts and ancient traces are presented at archeological museums.
The cubic meter space filled slightly with the fog with an interactive video projection is referring to the process of tracing particles where it’s not possible to see the particles themselves but just their traces.

The interactive projection upon the cube with the fog is reacting to how people move around the box. There is a device connected to the projector that is tracking the visitor’s movement. The software changes the patterns of “traces”, their directions, and intensity. The projection is not only influenced by the spectators but also by the projection moving on fog itself so when there is no one close to the box it’s reacting to itself. The visibility of the projection is different from different corners of the room. From some angles it’s almost not visible, from the others it seems very sharp.

It’s Just a Matter of Time
Solo show
Espace Kugler. Geneva. 2017