O=O Hourglasses situated in a dark space. Detected by a motion sensor, the flickering light of the “O=O” is activated by passersby. Different lights have different moving sensors, so they are not activated all at the same time. The visitor has to move around the space to see whole piece. Almost inaudible sound of a children’s music box melody is heard throughout the space [the volume is increased for the purpose of video documentation].

DordtYart 2013 (Group show)
Dordrecht. Netherlands. 2013

Rock Paper Scissors (Group show)
Route du Nord Light Festival
Roodkapje Gallery

Rotterdam. Netherlands. 2014

O=O  (solo show)
Oronsko Center of Polish Sculpture
Chapel Gallery. 2015

Open Your Eyes, I Can’t See You: On Ewa Wesołowska’s Exhibition O=O
Show review by Anna Batko
Oronsko Magazine of Centre of Polish Sculpture, Issue 1-2/2015

Ephemeros  (group show)
Cellar Gallery
Cracow. Poland. 2013