My main fields of interests are memory, perception, and time. My work is about trying to keep a trace of a human touch and also displays the inability to do so; instead the desire to maintain the trace and history of an object reveals the opposite. It evokes an absent human and shows that we cannot keep anything. The more we try to hold onto one’s trace, the more we pinpoint the lack of one. My practice is more about trying and about the consciousness of it. I explore different kinds of memory, in particular, the mechanisms and cognitive process of memorization.

There are some repetitive aspects in my works and a meditative nature in this process, no matter if it’s about leaving a handprint or a footprint on a surface of the sculptural work, or making the same process again and again with different materials and observing the results, or setting up the interactive part of a work and passing through the room, a few more times, in the same pattern. It’s the same action, the same desire and the same concept spread over time. There is an attempt to remake something all over again, to leave traces and some path behind us, no matter if it stays or it diffuses quickly when we disappear. My research also forces me to re-define what I do on a regular basis. I collect data about the processes of perception and memorization. I am fascinated by time and I try to visualise it, to make it perceptible in a material way.