Ewa Wesolowska explores the cognitive aspects of time perception and their impact on the formation of memories, their retention, longevity, and subsequent recollection. Her installations juxtapose the realms of the visible and the invisible, presenting traces of presence left across contrasting timescales. Images depicting evanescent events of particle physics unfolding within infinitesimally brief temporal bounds are overlaid with objects emblematic of protracted processes. This juxtaposition serves to accentuate the limits of perception while also illuminating the intricacies inherent in the formation of memory.

The experience of Ewa Wesolowska’s work requires time and movement. This could entail a momentary pause to facilitate ocular adjustment to an environment with fluctuating luminosity, a gaze transitioning from the left to the right side of a canvas featuring a repetitive image, sequences of steps necessary to activate different elements of an interactive installation, or a traversal along multiple objects.The contemplative essence and iterative characteristics observed in her creative methodology stem from a desire to visualize time and accentuate the inherent limitation of capturing merely a fraction of its entirety.