#Nodes / #Nodos publication

#Nodes / #Nodos  is a transdisciplinary meeting point where artists, scientists, writers and humanists share experiences and reflections about the relevance and possibilities of interaction between different disciplines.

#Nodes is not a book about science, nor about art, literature, or the humanities – or maybe it is about all of them at once. This collection investigates reality from these perspectives and others, demonstrating the possibility of intense interdisciplinary collaboration. It is a book that resists categorization because reality and thought do not exist in separate compartments. #Nodes proposes an intellectual adventure: an exploration of the boundaries between different fields of knowledge. The book explores topics ranging from elementary matter to consciousness to the complexity of living beings, asking questions along the way: How does life arise? What is consciousness? How can chaos elicit order? These questions require new approaches. To tackle this, #Nodes brings together the contributions of scientists, writers, artists, and humanists from various disciplines and countries with the purpose of stimulating new ideas.

Part One #Complex Networks

Gustavo Ariel Schwartz, Josep Perelló, Marta Macho Stadler, Bernat Corominas-Murtra, Albert Flexas Oliver, Juan Luis Suárez, Kevin W. Boyack y Richard Klavans, Lisel Record y Katy Börne

Part Two: #Metaphor
Gustavo Ariel Schwartz, Josep Perelló, Marta Macho Stadler, Bernat Corominas-Murtra, Albert Flexas Oliver, Juan Luis Suárez, Kevin W. Boyack y Richard Klavans, Lisel Record y Katy Börne
Part Three: #Cosmos
Alberto Güijosa, Basarab Nicolescu, Juan José Gómez Cadenas, Jaume Navarro, Catalina García García-Herreros, Jairo Rojas Rojas, Gilles Cyr, Luca Pozzi, Ariane Koek, Poe Johnson y Roger F. Malina
Part Four: #Chaos and Complexity
Diego A. Wisniacki, Jorge Wagensberg, Bruno Arpaia, Luis Felipe G. Lomelí, Belén Gache, Joanna Page, Amy Catanzano, Gustavo Ariel Schwartz
Part Five: #Emergence
Markus I. Eronen, Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo, Silvina Cerveny, Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias, Stuart Kauffman, Jordi Fortuny Andreu, Luisa Etxenike, Anna Dumitriu, Heather Barnett, Albert Barqué-Duran, Pier Luigi Luisi
Part Six: #Perception
Víctor E. Bermúdez, Alejandro Galvez-Pol, Débora Ochoa, Nicola Molinaro, Itziar Laka, James Wilkes, Anjan Chatterjee, Rafael-José Díaz
Part Seven: #Memory
Víctor E. Bermúdez, Roald Hoffmann, Helena Matute, Siri Hustvedt, Iván Méndez González, Eduardo Berti, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Eiling Yee y Gerry T. M. Altmann, Ewa Wesolowska
Part Eight: #Emotion
Víctor E. Bermúdez, Hugo Milhanas Machado, Jean-Simon DesRochers, Jose Valenzuela, Menchu Gutiérrez, Candela Salgado Ivanich, Chantal Maillard, María Sánchez, Manuel González de Ávila
Part Nine: #Consciousness
Miguel Amores Fúster, Xurxo Mariño, Germán Sierra, Carlos López de Silanes de Miguel, Marc-Williams Debono, Pierre-Louis Patoine, Isabel Jaén Portillo, Jorge Volpi, Clara Janés, Joséagustín Hayadelatorre, Julia Buntaine
Part Ten: #Big Data
Mark Daley, Mario Aquilina, Borja Navarro Colorado, Kriristin Veel, Javier Argüello, Andrew Blake, Julie Freeman, Juan Luis Suárez

Gustavo Ariel Schwartz – scientist at the Spanish National Research Council developing his research activity at the Material Physics Centre in San Sebastian. He is founder and director of the Mestizajes Programme at the Donostia International Physics Center, an alternative space to explore connections among art, science, literature, and humanities.

Víctor Bermúdez – does interdisciplinary research about literary imagination. He explores both the epistemological dimension of poetry and its cognitive value through literary research, teaching, translation, and creative writing. He teaches literature at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany), where he develops a research line on cognitive literary studies.
#Nodes (English edition )

Intellect Ltd; 1st Edition (January 23, 2020)
ISBN-10 : 1789380731
ISBN-13 : 978-1789380736

#Nodos (Spanish edition )

Impreso por Gráficas Rey
ISBN: 978-84-946669-7-1


Ewa Wesołowska