Interactive installation
Ceramic, video projections
Concordia Gallery, Enschede, Netherlands

While walking through the room, one was reshaping the work and leaving the trace of presence in the space, as the installation was reacting to the body movement. Few minutes after one exited the exhibition space, ceramics were going back into the line. Three videos projected upon suspended elements from three opposite angles of the room were very slowly changing the intensity of the light in the gallery. The time of the light sequence [from the bright to the dusk] was 15 minutes. Each suspended element was a unique handprint.

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Music Box

Mobile installation
Sculptured pieces, sound
DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Installation within a darkened space [3x4m]. A single light is suspended from a revolving circle hanging from the ceiling [1.70cm in diameter]. Shadows are cast onto the walls from suspended objects which are sculptural forms created by an impression of the squeezing hand. A quiet sound of a music box melody plays within the space. Soft carpet covers the floor. Each piece is a unique handprint.

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Ceramic, light, sound
CAMAC Art Center Marnay-sur-Seine, France

An installation set within a darkened space of an old dovecote tower where ceramic vases remain from the former pigeon residents.

The sound of flowing water and a flickering light were placed in different vessels. Discovering the space one could move back and forth from dark and quiet areas to catch the sounds and the flickering lights.

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Interactive installation
Flickering objects, sound
Orońsko, Centre of Polish Sculpture
Route du Nord Light Festival, Roodkapje Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Cellar Gallery, Cracow, Poland
DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands

O=O Hourglasses situated in a dark space. Detected by a motion sensor, the flickering light of the O=O is activated by passersby. Different lights have different moving sensors, so they are not activated all at the same time. The visitor has to move around the space to see whole piece. Almost inaudible sound of a children’s music box melody is heard throughout the space [the volume is increased for video documentation].

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Permanent installation in a public space and happening during ArtSesja Festival
NCK Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, Cracow

In the project, the audience participated in making the footprints casts. As a result a newly created path was composed of the traces of many people participating in the Festival. The title is a reference to The Wizard of Oz.

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Notes of Lighthouse Keepers

Ewa Wesołowska, Tan Wei Keong

Objects, time-lapse videos
Headlands Center for the Art, Sausalito, CA, USA

Work consists of time-lapse photographs of the ocean taken from the Bay Area projected upon daily notes recorded in a journal by keepers of the Point Bonita Lighthouse located in the Marin Headlands [a copy of the journal – from 1879 to 1926 –was made available by the National Park Service Archives]. Foils with notes suspended in a room were gently moving by the breeze coming from fan ventilators placed in the room.
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Did Just Happen

Sound installation
AIAV Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamguchi, Japan

There was a clock making a very loud click every minute at my studio at AIAV. Similar ones one could find in different places of the Art Center. I intended to use it as part of my installation but I was told they are all connected with the cable, and as soon as one clock would be removed the others would be affected. I decided to use this desire to makes the time running in exactly the same way in different places of AIAV. I recorded the clocks, changed the frequency, and played it in public spaces of AIAV.