Video based works

When I stand Here I Hear the Earth is Turning

7 monitors with sound

Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi, Japan

7 videos played on monitors lined up in a row in the main hallway connecting the concert hall and the main gallery of the Akiyoshidai International Art Village one has to pass while visiting the complex.


Videos were recorded in Yamaguchi for the Future of This Land exhibition that was exploring the social challenges the prefecture was facing: depopulation, the process of withering away of the branches of lime industry – the major industry in the region, and the flight of young people to big cities.


Each video was showing the processes of passing through different spaces without unveiling the beginning or ending point. Filming took place in the biggest lime quarry of Mine City, and the Akioshido Cave – one of the biggest touristic attractions of the region. Transitions – shown on each video – were pointing to traces left in different time scales. The last video in a row was playing the static noise on TV where 1% of the image shows the CMB – cosmic microwave background radiation. While experiencing the movement through space one had to participate in the process of moving through various environments and moments. The sound of a clock in different frequencies (from 40sec to 2min) accompanied each video.


Installation was referring to 間 – MA – Japanese concept of in-between space. Explained often as negative space, gap, void, or pause, where the interval is holding as much importance (or more importance) than a compositional element itself. Ma represents an emptiness full of possibilities while the Future of This Land exhibition was focused on the potential of the region and questioned the direction Yamaguchi could take in a Future.





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Akiyoshi Sinella

Interactive video projections, fog
AIAV – Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi, Japan

An installation consisting of two video projections in a room slightly filled with fog. The interactive projection was a reconstruction of the entrance to the Akioshido cave. Its size changed as one moved through the room. As a result, the end of the path was becoming smaller and smaller as one was trying to get closer to it, making it impossible to approach the exit of a cave. The video projected upon the fog slightly filling the room was creating a strong white beam of light extending the white shape of the exit to the cave into the air.

The film projected on the opposite side of the room was an animation referring to the passage of ionizing particles through cloud chambers. The title refers to the Akiyoshi Sinella, a small, transparent, nearly invisible creature, almost impossible to spot with the naked eye, adapted to live in the Akiyoshi cave. 


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Matter of Time

interactive object, 180x100x100cm Espace Kugler, Geneva, Switzerland
A cubic meter space filled slightly with the fog with an interactive video projection. The projection upon the cube is reacting to how people move around the box, and to patterns materializing on the fog, which refer to shapes appearing in cloud chambers – detectors used for visualizing the passage of ionizing radiation
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Ceramic, video projection, sound CAMAC Art Center Marnay-sur-Seine, France

An installation consisting of a video projection, canvas, old dovecote pottery vases, and sound, set up in the former dovecote, where ceramic vases used to serve as pigeons’ nests. The old ceramic vases were placed against the window space letting the light come through it and create a living image on canvas paced on the floor. The image was recorded and projected with a delay upon the wall next to the canvas. The ambient sound of the room was recorded, layered over time, and continually played through the duration of the show.


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